The BCP and Me

Exploring The Book of Common Prayer as a manual for living out our lives.

Concerning the Podcast

An Owners Manual

The BCP and Me seeks to introduce people to The Book of Common Prayer, its liturgies, and its underlying theology. We also seek to teach others how to use it as a manual for living a life connected to God and God's people.

A Community

We are a group of Christians and Seekers who are looking for a relationship with God. We unite around our love of worship, scripture, our common humanity, and God's love for us. You can find us on our Facebook page. We've also added a discord server as a way to connect with us! Check us out there and connect with each other!

A Resource for Formation

The BCP and Me now spans across two seasons of Podcasts and has explored a major portion of the prayer book. The podcast can serve as a tool for forming new Christians, or for providing Christian Education for those Christians who are looking for a way to deepen their faith.

The BCP and Me is Sponsored by Forward Movement.